Clean Hands

 Welcome to the AHS Hand Hygiene Reviewer Self-Assessment  
Note: If you are an AHS-contracted service provider, please contact the project manager for your zone before proceeding with the Hand Hygiene Reviewer Training.

The purpose of the AHS Hand Hygiene Reviewer self-assessment is to determine if you are able to understand and apply the information presented in the 10 modules of the AHS Hand Hygiene Reviewer Training.

Please note: A passing mark of 80% is required before a one-on-one competency check will be scheduled with the AHS Infection Prevention & Control Hand Hygiene Program.

Once completed, your mark will be displayed on the screen. If you receive a mark of less than 80%, please retry the self-assessment until a passing mark of at least 80% is achieved. Once a passing mark is achieved, a member of the AHS IPC Hand Hygiene Program will contact you within 5 business days to schedule a one-on-one competency check.

This Self-Assessment is designed to be completed in one session and should take approximately 15-20 minutes.

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